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4D Production, Inc

(872) 228 7067|| http://www.surpys.com

4D PRODUCTION, INC was founded in October 2015, in Chicago.

The company organizes culturally unique events for the people coming from the Balkans and living in the USA.

4D PRODUCTION, INC has organized the USA Tour of theatre play “Zlatni Lančić od Bižuterije” (Golden necklace made of trinkets) in New York, NY on May 20th, 2016, in Chicago, IL on May 21st, 2016 and in Washington, DC on May 22nd, 2016.

Members of our management has organized and implemented a plethora of concerts and tours, some of which are  the following:

The Concert tour of a widely popular Serbian singer, Sergej Cetkovic in 2008, titled “Pola moga svijeta”, on which occasion five successive concerts were sold out in Belgrade Sava Centre as well as all auditoriums across Serbia.

  • The Concerts of Sergej Cetkovic in Belgrade Arena, 2010.
  • The Concerts of Aleksandra Radovic in Sava Centre in 2007 and 2012.
  • The Concerts of  Slobodan Trkulja & Metropol Orchestra in 2007, in Sava Centre
  • The Concert of Slobodan Trkulja &  Balkanopolis at the Terazije Theatre
  • The Concert of  Slobodan Trkulja, titled “Music for 15 instruments” at the  Terazije Theatre
  • The Concert of the band “Van Gogh”, in Belgrade Arena
  • The Concert of  the band “Neverne bebe”,  at the Terazije Theatre
  • The Concert of Jelena Tomasevic, at the Terazije Theatre
  • The Concert of  Boris Rezak and Flamingosi, at the Terazije Theatre and many others.

In addition to music business, members of our management have been very successful in marketing, while working with SI & SI Company of  Subotica (Serbia), working with brands such as Gorki list, VodaVoda, Sinalco, V Vodka, Dry Gin, OR Liqueurs, and others.

Members of our management  have participated in the organization of  several events:

  • The event of  World Basketball Championship, Indianapolis 2002, broadcast  at  the Square of the Republic, Belgrade, Serbia, recognized as the most interesting event by the international media (CNN, FOX, ESPN, EUROSPORT, BBC, SKY etc.)
  • The European Basketball Championship, Sweden, 2003
  • Olympic Games in Athens, 2004
  • Cannes International Film Festival, 2005
  • European Basketball Championship in Serbia and Montenegro, 2005
  • World Basketball Championship, Japan, 2006
  • Exit music festival
  • Belgrade Fashion Week, etc.

Having the experience from one of the best Serbian companies recognized for original and effective marketing campaigns and having cooperated with the top singers and actors, 4D PRODUCTION, INC now has the opportunity to present premium programs to the audience in the USA.

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