Past Events

Hit comedy “The talk of the town” made the audience go wild!

In October 2017, 4D Production, Inc organized the USA tour of the theater hit comedy “Talk of the town” (“Prica se po gradu”) starring Olga Odanovic , Dubravka Mijatovic, Sena Djorovic and Anastasia Mandic.
Due to a great interest of the audience in Chicago, the show was played twice in a row on the same day.
In addition to Chicago, the comedy was performed in Milwaukee, New York and Boston.
The distinguished actresses of the National Theater and Atelje 212 from Belgrade, with their brilliant acting and energy coming from the scene, made this comedy an unforgettable experience to visitors.
Once again, the audience in the USA proved to be a good host for Serbian artists, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors who came to see the show and contributed to having another successful tour.


On April 02th 2017, 4D production, Inc has organized the show of the movie ”STADO”, a directing debut of one of the most popular actors from Serbia, Nikola Kojo.

The audience has immensely enjoyed this hilarious comedy, as well as the audience around the world in previous shows of the movie, featuring the greatest actors from Serbia. This comedy was affirmed as the most watched movie in Serbia in 2016.

We would like to thank the audience for recognizing the quality of the movie ‘‘STADO’’ and contributing to the successful show of the movie.


4D production, Inc has organized concerts of the most popular and influential hip hop band, a movement from Serbia, ”Beogradski Sindikat”, on March 25th in Chicago and March 29th, 2017 in Miami.

As expected and published in the media, through newspaper titles, such as “Expect nothing less than a rumble of thunder in Chicago and Miami“, exactly that happened.

The guys from Belgrade performed their first concerts, a mini tour in the USA in their almost twenty year music career. Their recognizable energetic performance was filled with emotions they exchanged with the audience.

Following the concerts in the USA, a new slogan of the band ”Beogradski Sindikat” popped up– ”MAJAMI, ČIKAGO, ROKAMO GA JAKO”( MIAMI, CHICAGO, WE ROCK IT )

We would like to thank audience, and Beogradski Sindikat for contributing all together, so that we could have one marvelous and emotional moment more in our memories.


Andrija Milosevic in a comedy play “Golden chain made of trinkets” within USA Tour hit visitation records

In May 2016, 4D Production, Inc. organized the first USA tour with Andrija Milosevic and his comedy “GOLD CHAIN MADE OF TRINKETS”, with three shows performed on the occasion:
May 20th – New York, May 21st – Chicago and May 22nd – Washington DC.
Andrija Milosevic once again proved to be an excellent comedian having a special interaction with the audience, which is why all the performances were attended by a record number of visitors.
We owe special thanks to the audience in Chicago, New York and Washington, D. C for being a part of the USA tour and made this tour so successful.